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Auxillary Appliances

Transpalatal Arch/Transpalatal bar (TPA/TPB)

The TPA is often used to prevent the molar teeth from drifting forward, especially after a distalizing appliance or after bicuspid extractions. The TPA may also be used after upper jaw expansion in order to maintain transverse width of the upper arch. It prevents the upper jaw from going back to its old narrow shape. A TPB can be used as an active appliance to rotate or widen the molars, or to prevent the molar teeth from erupting throughout the course of orthodontic treatment.


crib applianceCrib/Habit Appliance
The habit appliance is an appliance that incorporates a vertical crib to maximize tongue control and further limit tongue thrusting or eliminate thumb sucking.


fixed bite plate
Fixed Bite Plate

The fixed bite plate is an appliance designed to correct patients who have a deep overbite by building up an acrylic ledge behind the upper incisors. This allows for the lower incisors to contact the acrylic and, in turn, opens the bite and allows for eruption of the posterior teeth.


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