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Orthodontic Appliances

orthodontic spacer
Separators or Spacers

Separators are small rubber or metal rings that are placed between the contacts of the teeth. Their purpose is to create space between the teeth to allow for the placement of bands on the molar teeth. The separators are placed 5-10 days prior to the start of treatment. Initially, they may cause some minor discomfort. Patients sometimes say that it feels like a piece of meat stuck between their teeth. During this period, we ask the patient to avoid sticky or chewy foods to prevent them from becoming dislodged. You will need to check them periodically, and if they fall out, please contact our office to determine if they will need to be replaced.

Elastics (Rubber Bands)

Rubber bands are the primary mechanism we use to move teeth so that they fit together correctly top to bottom. They can be worn in any number of configurations. Rubber bands are attached using hooks that are part of the brackets or the bands. Always remember that braces merely give us a way to "grab onto" the teeth. It is the rubber bands and wires that move the teeth. The rubber band phase of treatment is the one that takes the longest in the average patient. Please keep in mind that the rubber bands only move teeth; however, if you have any discomfort in your jaw joint, please let us know.

The quality of our end result and completing treatment on time is dependent upon the patient following instructions for wearing rubber bands precisely. In most instances, this means all the time.

clear retainer

ESSIX retainers (clear plastic) are retainers that most patients receive after their braces are removed. The ESSIX retainers are to be worn at all times until otherwise instructed by one of our doctors. These retainers effectively maintain the alignment of teeth, while simultaneously allowing for controlled, minute movement of teeth which orthodontists call "settling." When worn as instructed, the bite actually improves in the critical first few weeks after the braces are removed.

Retainers are truly as important as braces in the long-term result of orthodontic treatment and yes, retention is a lifelong commitment. Shifting and crowding of the teeth have been shown to be part of the normal aging process. Your retainers allow you to keep your youthful smile long after nature intended. Remember, though, that your teeth will be their straightest the day your braces are taken off. It is normal to have some slight changes in alignment even with flawless retainer wear. To keep these changes to an absolute minimum, wear your retainer(s) as instructed. Please follow our use, care, and maintenance instructions carefully. We will advise you of any special instructions for your particular case.

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